From Zurich Shuttler brings you up to twice time per day to Lucerne and Interlaken – without change.

Stop in Zurich

Shuttler stops at Zurich Mainstation at the Stop “Extrabusse” (located right before the Hotel Schweizerhof). Another stop is located at Zurich Brunau parking.

Stop at Zurich Airport

At Zurich Airport Shuttler stops at the Bus Station (Lane R). This is where intercity buses depart.

Activities in Zürich

Zurich is the largest town of Switzerland with almost 400’000 inhabitants. It is further the capital of the Canton Zurich. Zurich and its surroundings are also the most important business center of Switzerland. Zurich is one of the most important places for financial services in the world and locates the headquarter of several international banks and insurance companies. The Zurich airport is the home airport of SWISS airlines and offers connections to all over the world. Zurich is a typical, pitoresque town with  Old town and the beautiful Lake Zurich. It is further the starting point for several excursions all over Switzerland. Shuttler stops in Zurich at the Main Station, right before the Hotel Schweizerhof.